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Academic Administration

Academic administration refers to the management and governance of the academic life-cycle of the student, from application to graduation. 

竞彩足球比分 Enrolment: Applications, Selections, Registration, 竞彩足球比分 records, Examinations, Promotions and Graduation
Qualifications Register: Accreditation with SAQA, HEQC, Alignment and auditing of qualifications database
Official Publication on Academic matters: Yearbooks and Calendars
Contact Centre

Central Academic Administration

  • Academic Administration Training & Development Unit (AATDU)
  • Contact Centre
  • Examinations and Graduations Office
  • Faculty Liaison Office
  • Helpdesk
  • International 竞彩足球比分 Services Office


Information related to registration for 2021 will be available from 11 January 2021.