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Rector's Office

?From graduating from the University of the Western Cape (UWC) to taking up the role of the institution’s seventh Rector and Vice-Chancellor, 竞彩足球比分 Tyrone Brian Pretorius’ extensive knowledge of UWC and his leadership experience in higher education in South Africa and abroad, has provided him with invaluable insights to help UWC attain its Vision for 2030 through the Rector’s Office.

The Rector’s Office is responsible for driving UWC’s 2030 Vision as a research-intensive, public institution focused on creating “a vibrant intellectual space where people engage with matters of real significance at the highest levels of competence”. The Office also enables the university community to realise UWC’s Mission to be a national university that is alert to its African and international context and that “strives to be a place of quality, and a place to grow from hope to action through knowledge”.

The Mission clearly communicates the university and the Office’s continued commitment “to excellence in teaching, learning and research, to nurturing the cultural diversity of South Africa, and to responding in critical and creative ways to the needs of a society in transition”, while drawing on UWC’s “proud experience in the liberation struggle”, and the distinctive academic role UWC plays in helping to build an equitable and dynamic society. The Institutional Operating Plan 2016-2020 provides the framework through which our Vision and Mission are realised.
The Vision is supported by three core goal areas focused on:
  • The 竞彩足球比分 Experience 
  • Learning and Teaching 
  • 竞彩足球比分 and Innovation
The implementation of these core goal areas is the responsibility of the offices of the university’s three Deputy Vice-Chancellors and their respective directorates.

The three core goal areas are underpinned by five enabling goal areas dealing with UWC’s People Framework; Financial Viability; the enhancement of its Standing and Profile; the Development of the Surrounding Campus and Surrounding Areas; and Leadership, Management and Governance.
Prof Pretorius (read his bio here) together with the rest of UWC’s management team are tasked with ensuring that UWC implements and delivers on the objectives encapsulated in its Vision, Mission and IOP via the Rector’s Office. 

The Rector’s Office is also responsible for building strategic, collaborative and mutually beneficial relationships with government departments, donors, corporate organisations, and other universities.

Rector's Programmes

HIV and AIDS Programme

The University of the Western Cape's HIV and AIDS Programme was established in 2001 in response to the significant impact that the pandemic has had on the university’s student and staff population.

International Relations Office (IRO)

The International Relations Office (IRO) is committed to promoting and supporting the establishment of international relationships and partnerships for the university. The IRO aims to provide a liaison and facilitation service for advancing strategic partnerships internationally.

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